Pipe Dream

Why Pipe Dream?

Most trade businesses already have everything they need to run their business. They're already great at finding work, completing their jobs, and keeping their business afloat. What most trade businesses don't have is a simple way to ensure they become more profitable than they are now.

What is the most important metric to measure in a small business? Eye-watering revenue? Mind-bogglingly minimal costs? What's the benefit in having a seven figure revenue number if your costs are almost equal to it? The most important metric a business needs to track is its profit - are you actually making money?

  • Do you know your monthly profit? How about daily?
  • Do you know your average profit per hour?
  • Do you know what numbers each individual staff member needs to hit to pay for their tools, training and wages?
  • Do your staff realise how much they impact on the success or failure of your business? Do they care? Do you?
  • Do you know which jobs, clients or job types are costing you money, and which ones are making you money?

These aren't easy questions to answer, especially in real time and in a consistent, reportable way. And they're exactly what Pipe Dream was made for.

What does Pipe Dream do?

Pipe Dream is a light weight, simple to use app that tradies use to enter work entries at the end of their job. It takes less than 30 seconds to type in the key details you need to be able to track the progress of each job, and your business as a whole. When complete, tradies are shown how they're tracking against their personal profit targets for the day, giving them a sense of how their success helps your business grow.

With this simple set of data, Pipe Dream is able to generate reports and charts that answer all the questions above and more. At a glance, you'll be able to see which jobs are helping you succeed, and which ones are doing the opposite. You will be able to report on staff members who are performing well which you can reward; and also underperformers which you can address.

Pipe Dream gives you insight into your essential business numbers by presenting to you your own data in a clear, consistent and reportable way. As one of our early adopters has declared: information is power.

ServiceM8 Integration

Service M8 is a fantastic software package to help you "Simplify and streamline your operations". Whilst ServiceM8 is great at taking you through job operations (scheduling, quoting, invoicing and payment), it doesn't have a strong focus on making your critical business numbers clear. For this reason many ServiceM8 customers love to set up Pipe Dream and create an integration with their ServiceM8 account. This allows staff to avoid typing job information twice which prevents mistakes, and allows for more focus on the job to be done. Pipe Dream is the perfect complement to ServiceM8 because it transforms a well-operating business into a more profitable one. Read more about our ServiceM8 Integration here.

Google Forms & Sheets Integration

Unlock the ability to customise your business process using a Google Forms & Sheets Integration. Using our Google Forms Work Entry Prepopulator, you can provide your staff with a link that will prefill your own customised Google Form just as they finish their Work Entry with all the details you need. Using Google Forms & Sheets you can create your own custom reports, remind staff to complete certain tasks upon work completion, or even track specific things like membership sales and upsells. Click here for more information on how to set up your Google Forms & Sheets Integration, including a video to walk you through the setup process.

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