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Google Forms & Sheets Integration

Unlock the ability to customise your business process using a Google Forms & Sheets Integration. Using our Google Forms Work Entry Prepopulator, you can provide your staff with a link that will prefill your own customised Google Form just as they finish their Work Entry with all the details you need. Using Google Forms & Sheets you can create your own custom reports, remind staff to complete certain tasks upon work completion, or even track specific things like membership sales and upsells.

Demo Video

How to set up the Google Forms Work Entry Prepopulator

In order to create Google Forms and Sheets, you need to have a Google Account, and will need to log in to Google Drive. From Google Drive, you will be able to create a new Google Form which you can configure to add rows to a Google Sheet spreadsheet every time the Google Form is submitted. You can then link that Google Form to PipeDream so that every Work Entry you make will have a link to add a new entry there. Watch this video to see how to do all that, and see the Prefill Mapping Table below to link the right data to the right form entry.

Prefill Mapping Table

When you click the 3-dotted menu button in the top-right to "Get pre-filled link", you'll need to enter in the following data for each WorkEntry/Job Attribute that you want prepopulated in your google form. This is how Pipe Dream knows what information to prefill where.

WorkEntry / Job Attribute

Prefill data to paste in

WorkEntry: Id 11111111
WorkEntry: Worker Name AAAAAAAA
WorkEntry: Author Name BBBBBBBB
WorkEntry: Completed Date 2020-01-01+00:00
(ensure type is Date, and to include Time)
WorkEntry: Time Worked 22222222
WorkEntry: Total Costs 33333333
WorkEntry: Invoice Amount 44444444
WorkEntry: Description CCCCCCCC
WorkEntry: Cost of Goods Sold CCCCAAAA
WorkEntry: Job Id 55555555
Job: Job Reference EEEEEEEE
Job: Customer Name FFFFFFFF
Job: Profit 66666666
Job: Profit Per Hour 77777777
Job: Total Hours Worked 88888888

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