Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream Benefits

Simple Design

Pipe Dream prides itself in its simplicity. Measuring business health is difficult, although we focus on presenting the right data with crystal clarity so you can make the decisions needed for your business' success.

ServiceM8 Integration

Integrating with ServiceM8 is simple and allows staff to avoid typing job information twice. This prevents mistakes, and allows for more focus on the job to be done.

No Lock-in Contracts

We are confident that if you try Pipe Dream, you will love it, and so there is no need for lock-in contracts. Why not sign up and give it a try? Did we mention the first 7 days are free?

Mobile Friendly

Pipe Dream works online for all mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phones. Reports are available everywhere, and are optimised for larger screens.

Customer Feedback

"Pipe Dream is really easy to use. It's great to now see clearly what we are making on every job. The colours are great for a quick glance."

Ashley Woolf, Woolf Plumbing and Gas

"Pipe Dream has helped me blow hours with spreadsheets trying to get profit calculations to work how I wanted before abandoning it and jumping onto this new website, Pipe Dream."

Ben Van Der Kooy, Beautiful Plumbing

"Thanks for working it out so fast I really appreciate it. Looks good, exactly what I wanted."

Michael Swan, Swan's Complete Plumbing & Gas

Record your work

Report on your profit

Understand your job profitability

More Feedback

"I love the app so much and see it being so powerful in the future."

Ashley Woolf, Woolf Plumbing and Gas

"It is great being able to see your gross profit total in real time so far for the day, as soon as you finish each job and collect payment."

Ben Van Der Kooy, Beautiful Plumbing

"I see Pipe Dream being the add on to ServiceM8 that would make it an even bigger competitor to simPRO."

Ashley Woolf, Woolf Plumbing and Gas


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$10 / mth

*No lock-in contracts.

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